Rev. John Michael O'Sullivan​​

Q: How Do we get our Marriage License? 
A: Getting Married In New Jersey?
Visit this site: 


Q: Getting Married in New York State?
A: visit this site:

Q: Getting Married in New York City?
A: visit this site:

Q: Getting Married in Pennsylvania?
A: Please call the County Clerks Office in the County you are getting married in. 

(For Bucks County, visit this site)

Please provide the following address to the Registrars office when you apply for your license:

Fr. John Michael O'Sullivan

186 Smithburg Road

Manalapan, N.J. 07726


Q: What do We do with the Marriage license after we pick it up?

A: Please bring the license to the Ceremony, I cannot marry you without it!

Q: When will We receive Our Marriage License?

A: Please wait 1-2 weeks after the Ceremony and then call the NJ Town where the Ceremony was performed and ask for a certified copy to be sent you. I will give you the pink copy after the ceremony and mail your license to the Town you were married in. I keep the blue copy for My permanent records. In NY you will receive your license in the mail within 30 days. 

Q: Where Do You perform Ceremonies?

A: At the location of your choice, Chapel, Church, Beach, Reception Venue, Park, Home, Boat, wherever your Hearts take you!

Q: How long is the Ceremony?

A: Your Ceremony will last 20-30 minutes depending what you choose to include in it. The  amount of Readings, Poems, Traditions, Hymns and Songs will dictate the length.  Interfaith Weddings are generally 30-40 minutes long.

Q: Do You provide Ceremony Music?

A:  No, I can provide you with excellent  referrals for Ceremony and Reception music. You might like a Keyboard or Piano player, DJ, Harpist or Band.

Q: What do you wear during the Ceremony?

A:  Whatever you prefer! I usually wear a Black Suit and collar and stole or an Alb (what you would see in Church). I also wear a Suit and Tie for Non-Religious Ceremonies. 

Q: Do We need to take Pre-Cana Classes or have Pre-Marital Counseling?

A: When your Ceremony is performed outside of the Church Pre-Cana is not required.

Q: Can We have a Private Ceremony?

A: Yes, You need a Marriage license and Two Witnesses to sign Your license.

Q: Do You perform Ceremonies with other Officiants?

A: Yes, I Co-Officiate with Rabbis and other Ministers and Priests of different Faiths and Cultures.