October 2015

Father John was amazing. When we first met with him, he walked us through the everything. He had a binder filled with everything we would need to put together our ceremony. As he explained everything to us, he kept reminding us that "it was our wedding." My husband used that phrase for the rest of the planning process when someone wanted to give us their input! 

He was very quick to respond, and on top of things. I managed to miss the the large font that said "due one month before the ceremony!" Father John reached out to my husband and I about a week before the ceremony to get our choices for the ceremony. He told us not to worry, everything would be perfect- and it was!

Father John was funny and had our guests laughing during the ceremony. Thank you so much Father John!


May 2015

Father John is great! He was very easy to work with and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. He talked us through all the aspects of our ceremony and made sure we were comfortable with all our decisions for the big day. We met with him twice throughout the year and a half we worked with him, and exchanged quite a few emails and phone calls! We booked him very early because we knew we wanted to use his services since he officiated my mother-in-laws wedding a few years early. He offered us a lot of guidance on how to get the ceremony we wanted, and helped us figure out the best way to include our mothers and grandmothers in the ceremony. 

Father John also ran our rehearsal and offered us some great tips on how to get the best ceremony, including how to stand, how long the kiss should be for the best pictures, and just general advice on getting the most out of the moment. 

Our ceremony was short but sweet for certain-- only about 20 minutes in total. Father John was right on track and funny. The guests really loved him. Before we knew it we were married and all his tips paid off and we got some really great photos, professional and other wise from the ceremony. 

I highly recommend Father John if you are looking to create a ceremony that mixes both traditional and contemporary ceremony ideas. We had some prayers and traditional Catholic blessings, but we also had secular readings. It was a blend that really spoke to us as a couple, and I think that resonated with the guests. Father John is really great at offering tips and advice on getting to the ceremony you want and will help you figure out what that means, because it's important to him that it's about the two of you and not anyone else. I couldn't be happier with Father John's services!



September 2016

Father John was a pleasure to work with on our wedding day. He allowed us to totally personalize our ceremony and offered amazing suggestion in a very organized and thorough ceremony planning packet. When we met with him, he kept reminding us who's day our wedding day was -- Ours.


Rev. John Michael O'Sullivan​​

March 2017

Father John was excellent! He gave us so many tips and suggestions so we could create our perfect ceremony. We truly appreciate his guidance through the entire process.


April 2015

Rev. John Michael was our priest for our wedding day and was absolutely amazing. When I first met him, he was so friendly, funny, and helped me understand the importance of the blessing of the rings and vows. I had many questions of course and for most of them he always responded with, "Who's wedding is it?" which made me feel so happy to know that he supported my ideas for the ceremony. I was so excited to hear that he was available the day of my wedding and could not imagine it being anyone else but him now looking back. He made our ceremony so perfect and said all of the right things so naturally. In addition, as a nervous bride it was such a great feeling to watch how smoothly everything went and trusting that he will guide me through the whole way. What I loved was that he turned us towards the guests when placing the rings on and saying our vows so that everyone can see. Pictures came out beautiful because of that piece of advice. We will gladly recommend him to anyone!


May 2016

Selecting the right Officiant is such a personal choice to ensure it is exactly what you want for your day, and from the moment you meet Father John, he puts your mind at ease. He is extremely thorough in his process to ensure you receive the ceremony you are looking for and his lightheartedness, humor and caring approach come through. He has a calming presence and truly is invested in the bride and groom to ensure you feel special. If I could give him more stars his review would shine even brighter. Thank you for delivering such a beautiful ceremony, everyone at the wedding was speaking of how nice it was! Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed.


September 2016

My husband and I picked Father John about a year ago. I did some research and we picked him because of his exceptional reviews! He most certainly delivered and was a pleasure to work with. From our first meeting with him he gave us some suggestions and whenever we talked about our family and doing something for them, he constantly reminded us that it is us getting married and it is what we want. Joan was very responsive with answering questions and the ceremony packet goes over everything you need and is super helpful. Before the rehearsal my husband and I were a little nervous because we did not know what to go through, but Father John came in and told us everything we needed to do step by step and got us in and out in 30 minutes! Everone loved him during the ceremony he exuted humor and professionalism. I would highly recommend Father John Michael!


June 2015

Father John was an amazing officiant for our June wedding. He was very easy to work with and helpful during our entire wedding planning process. He kept us relaxed on our wedding day and kept the ceremony moving without feeling rushed. Our guests were very complimentary of him! 

I highly recommend using Father John – especially if you are looking for a ceremony that mixes both traditional and contemporary ideas.


December 2016

We had only met him the one time and spoken with him once, but he made our ceremony feel like we've known him for years. He's funny and engaging and he wanted us to have a wonderful wedding. We had about an hour delay (not from the bride or groom) and he stayed and you never heard a complaint or an annoyance from him. We are so happy we had Father John perform our ceremony, we could not have asked for a better officiant. Thank you Father John


May 2016

Fr. John was absolutely exceptional. From the moment we first began working together, my then fiance and I knew we'd found a gem. Fr. John was incredibly flexible with all of our ceremony requests. We had an instant connection with Fr. John. His knowledge, suggestions, ideas and ability to cater to our needs/desires really came through. Honestly, he blew me away on the first call! I just felt like I'd known him for years and he completely grasped what we were going for. 
Additionally, he was bride-centric and wanted to make sure my vision for the day was fulfilled which for me was important because I'm much more of a 'people pleaser'. When I'd call to make a request on behalf of my mother or someone else he'd stop me and say, but 'is this what you want?' This was phenomenally important for me and I'm so grateful he posed that question to me. 
The ceremony itself was absolutely seamless. He arrived quite early, warmly greeted the groom and bridal party, and just made everyone feel so at ease. His demeanor and poise brought a very spiritual tone to the service despite the fact it was outside which was important to me as well since I'd initially wanted to marry in a church. I loved the wedding packet he'd had me work from with all of the suggested readings, prayers, add on ceremonies etc. it made it so easy to customize our service and really personalize it to match my religion and my grooms spirituality. 
I cannot express enough the amount of compliments we received. I'm sure many brides feel this way but the moment I reached the end of the aisle, I just felt encapsulated in this spiritual bubble. I don't know how to explain it but I couldn't see anything other than my groom and Fr. John. It was a singular experience in my life. Fr. John truly made it feel like a spiritual union was happening. All of our guests said they'd never seen a more beautiful, loving ceremony which was a huge compliment because for us, that was the most important aspect of the wedding (aside from having all of our guests present). We wanted it to feel special, spiritual and moving for all witnessing it and Fr. John definitely made that a reality. 
I cannot recommend him enough. Fr. John was amazing to work with, responsive, punctual, kind, warm, effusive - just a wonderful person.

Stephanie & Howard