Dear Father John,

Thank You very much for making Our marriage ceremony so truly special with your positive energy,warmth and joy.  You were above and beyond fantastic, and our friends are still commenting on what a wonderful job you did.  We feel truly Blessed that you married us, and grateful that you were such an important part of the newest chapter in our lives together.

Warmest Regards,

Leah and Ryan

Fr. John,

Thank You for officiating our wedding day!  You got the feeling we were going for and did a great job at our ceremony.  We had so much fun having you marry us! Our ceremony was perfect! 


Amy and Mike

Jan. 2015

Dear Fr. John,

We just wanted to say Thank You so much for the wonderful service you provided during our ceremony at Seasons, It was better than we hoped and you made it so special with the prayers and your humor.

                           Thank You so much,

.                             Tara and Jon

Sept. 2015

Father John,

Thank You so much for our beautiful ceremony and for   being a part of Our special day. Many of our guests approached us and told us they loved it. It was great to see people smiling and laughing and not falling asleep which happens at many weddings! It was everything we wanted and was probably the easiest thing to do out of the whole wedding! 

Alissa and Steve

Dear Father John,

Thank You so much for officiating with Rabbi Bill and being an integral part of our wedding.  We had so many compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was and how seamless you and Rabbi Bill worked together. you helped make our day very special and memorable and we will be forever grateful.

With Love,

Taryn and Steve

Sept. 2015  

Dear Father John,        

Thank You so much for officiating our wedding ceremony. It was exactly how we pictured it to be and we are so thankful for your help! We are so happy that you could be a part of our wedding celebration. 


Samantha and Kevin 

Rev. John Michael O'Sullivan​​

Sept 2015

Father- Thank You so much for officiating Our wedding. You were wonderful. We had so many Guests commenting on how Beautiful the ceremony was. God Bless You!

Lauren and Tom 

Dear Fr. John,

Dan and I wanted to thank you for making our ceremony just what we wanted. It was wonderful how you engaged the attendees and invited them to truly embrace and share in the celebration of our marriage. Your positive energy and humor added extra fun and levity to the occassion.


Jennifer and Dan

Father John,

We want to express our sincere gratitude for you performing our ceremony. You are so great and everyone is still talking about what a great ceremony you gave. It was absolutely perfect and you were so calm. 

God Bless and Love,

Melissa and Wesley

Father John,

Thank you so much for a wonderful ceremony. Many compliments were given. Your personality and demeanor made us feel as if we've known you for years.

Thank You ,

Mark and Lisa

Aug. 2015

Father John,

As Our 1 year anniversary approaches, we remember Our Beautiful Wedding and realize that it wouldn't have been a wedding without you! May God continue to Bless You in the great work that you do.

Alexia and David


April 2015  

Dear Rev. John Michael,

It truly meant a lot to us that you officiated Our wedding. You took the time to get to knows and as a result the ceremony was perfect. We will always remember the kind words you said and how comfortable you made us feel on a day when we were already excited and nervous. You were different and very special in comparison with other officiants that I have seen perform for my friends weddings. Your kind heart and fun personality was exactly what we were hoping for. I'll never forget how you kept reminding me "Who's Wedding is it? and the ceremony revolves around the rings and vows. I also appreciate you introducing us to The string Quartets! I can't Thank You enough for making this day so special! 


Jaclyn and Mike